About us

A cup of magic, a pinch of imagination and a lot, but a lot of passion.

 For more than fifteen years we have been dedicated to creating worlds, playing with words and images with the purpose of inspiring and entertaining. It makes us happy to create and enjoy the works of other creators, so throughout that time we have dedicated ourselves to experimenting with different media and formats to find those that best fit our personality. However, destiny is capricious and we have discovered that the future is multiformat and we are multidisciplinary.

 In all this time we have published a dozen books in more than twenty countries, we have shot short films, video clips and advertising, we have designed covers and posters... In short, we have played with ideas until we discovered where they come from, how they are made to grow and what is the maturation process they must follow so that others can enjoy them.

 From now on, from Alidra Creative we will continue feeding that curiosity while offering our experience and work as a service.

More than fifteen years creating worlds, experimenting with words and images.

our vocation


We dream at 24 fps

We have specialized in project development, from the original idea to the presentation of materials to international investors and co-producers. In addition, Javi has worked as a director and producer of short films, video clips and commercials for other producers and we are fighting for Savant to be his debut feature film.

our refuge


We're bookworms

Since the first volume of Komori's World in 2007, we have not stopped writing. We have published a dozen novels all over the world, both original and commissioned. Our favorite genres are adventure, fantasy and science fiction and most of our books are aimed at children and young people, although we also dare with adult literature.

our lifeguard

Design & illustration

Each color is a point of view

Design and illustration have allowed us to learn how to deal with clients and to explore a visual aspect that is reflected both in our way of conceiving cinema and in literature. We have done posters, covert art, illustration, layout, web design, etc. We like to experiment, although we understand that design must also comply with functionality.


In development

Our own projects in development are private, so if you are interested in co-producing or looking for something specific, please contact us and we will show you our IP Deck (Intellectual Property portfolio in development).


At the moment we are making a film (Savant), an animated series (Borealia), a graphic novel and two novels. Does anyone give more? You can follow all the news in our blog or social networks.


You have a list of our completed projects in the works section of the website. Some of the cards include samples, photos, first chapters and trailers.


I want to propose a project

We must follow a strict admissions protocol, so we need you to use the following form (any project received otherwise will be rejected).


We like to propose projects to other creators, so don't miss our calls. Now we are looking for: cartoonists, illustrators, programmers and translators.

WE BELIEVE IN A multi-format future.


We dare to dream with you.

We believe that nowadays it makes no sense to stick to a single artistic discipline.

We live in a connected world and have so many techniques and tools at our fingertips that we consider it most logical to combine them to discover wonderful results. That's why we jump from audiovisual to literature with ease and experiment with AR/VR design and narrative experiences.

We like to play with ideas, work on them and let them take us to places where no one has ever been.


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